Mattress & Box-Spring Recycling

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Companies are facing increased pressure to behave in socially responsible ways.  The mattress industry has always struggled with managing end-of-life mattresses (ELM).  More than 50 thousand mattresses end up in landfills each day.  Because, each mattress cumulatively takes up 23 cubic feet of landfill space, landfill avoidance is a huge challenge for the industry.  Mattress materials are often not biodegradable so they spend decades and even centuries taking up space.  Chemicals in some materials can leach out into surrounding soil and ground water.  CPS recycling solutions solve this problem by diverting 90% of the material from old mattresses from going into the waste stream (landfill).

We offer haul-away & recycling programs based on our customers piece volume. Our Chicago Suburban facility accepts free drop offs year-round. Standard and custom service offerings are available for small to high volume customers.  We utilize straight trucks, semi-tractor/trailers & storage equipment to assure material is stored/hauled away from your site without disrupting your operation. Our solutions will significantly reduce your waste (dumpster) costs resulting in a positive impact on our environment.


Merchandise Liquidation

We offer bulk & individual asset liquidation including:
Closeouts            Overstock            Scratch & dent            Surplus             Cancelled orders
Customer returns            Discontinued            Obsolete inventory

Some of our trusted customers include:
Import/exporters          Distributors         Fulfillment Warehouses
3rd Party Logistic Companies         Manufacturers            Wholesale Companies

From new, in box, to used customer returns, CPS offers
programs for all sizes.  We specialize in the furniture/mattress & warehouse/transportation industries but are not limited to.


Midwest’s premier hotel liquidator.
Full service provider offering labor, equipment & transport to haul-away & recycle your used or surplus FF&E, furniture (including mattresses), fixtures & equipment

We service all size hotels & motels. We work with everyone in the hospitality industry; from the independent owners to the largest management companies. We provide a safe, efficient, professional service within your timeline and budget with no disruption to existing guests.

CPS has the flexibility to customize a solution to meet your individual project needs. We provide fair, market value assessment backed by an efficient liquidation plan to assure maximum credit for your FF&E.